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There's a bevy to choose from:

There are comic book heroes like  Avengers and Spiderman


who awed us in the past months with their superhuman skills.

There are real-life heroes who inspired a greater lot to go beyond limits and achieve greatness:

sports heroes like Michael Phelps

singing champions like Jessica Sanchez

They inspire little kids to dream big. Their talent and dedication show us the true beauty of our skills.

Then we have relative unknowns who, in extraodinary circumstances and excruciating seconds, manage to choose the selfless choice:

'Dark Knight' Shooting: 3 Boyfriends Die Shielding Girlfriends During Aurora Massacre (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The Huffington Post  |  By Ryan Grenoble Posted: Updated: 07/24/2012 4:56 pm

Boyfriends Save Girlfriends Aurora

In the wake of Friday's devastating theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., President Obama remarked that it will be the "good people" -- the heroes who took action -- that remain in our memories long after James Holmes, the alleged gunman, has been forgotten.

And as stories from the darkened chaos begin to emerge, three among many share similar heroic stories: they all died shielding their girlfriends from bullets.

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Then, there are those who, just become the hero the people 'dream' them up to be. Minus the mask.

Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

July 24, 2012 8:10 PM
Christian Bale at the Medical Center of Aurora with staff from Swedish Medical Center (credit: Swedish Medical Center)

Christian Bale at the Medical Center of Aurora with staff from Swedish Medical Center (credit: Swedish Medical Center)

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But, honestly, we don't have to look to TV or newspapers to look for our heroes. Everyday, we encounter a person who was saved or can save someone. Everyday, we are inspired and we inspire someone.

THANK YOU for saving someone today. :)

First and Start

Surprise #1: My credit card bill this month is at an all-time low. I am speechless.
Surprise #2: All my purchases were books.

And I just finished 2 more yesterday. *sighs* I may need to put some controls now.


Btw, I'm starting this project, setting up this good friend of mine with some girlfriends. My matchmaking batting average is at 50%. (The successful couple actually got married - booyea!)

Let's see how this one goes. I've a good feeling about this one.


Happy weekend y'all!

Turtle Pie

I came home a little blue today due to some news which, I think, I wasn't supposed to know yet.

But, anyway, I was going through mails and the usual sites I visit when I saw this... And I kinda knew it was Someone up there giving me the nudge again.

Amazing how He tells me to move forward.


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Dedicating some space to a write up I liked a lot. It's from Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator. You can follow him on facebook or on twitter.

This was his article last sunday. Something some of us may need to hear.

Whatever you can imagine

You are not your problems. You are not the world's problems.

You are not your possessions. You are not your job title, your social standing, your credit score or your bank balance.

You are a unique and beautiful spirit, immersed in a universe that's overflowing with abundance. You are a bundle of magnificent possibilities, with the desire and the skills to fulfill those possibilities.

You are able to enjoy beauty and to give love. You can create joy where it has not existed before and spread that joy far and wide.

You can brilliantly and successfully adapt and thrive in an endless variety of situations. You can focus your awareness and your efforts to bring into reality whatever you envision.

You are the wonderful and amazing person who can rise above all the pettiness and succeed no matter what. You are whatever you can imagine, so always, always, imagine the very best.

Have a great day y'all!

It's All the Same on Different Street

With the recent passing of Dolphy, I found myself and the rest of the country grieving over a big loss. He was the country's comedy king and most households know him as 'John Puruntong' and 'Kevin Cosme'. Everybody knew he had a string of flings and sired a lot kids too. I never really knew the number until a few days ago, when everybody showed up for his funeral.

What really got to me the past days was how his family seemed to have meshed well together. Zsa zsa, his last love, thanked each one of his kids, with special mention to Eric, who really held it together for the rest of the clan. It was a little awe-inspiring how a family that was so unconventional in all ways, seemed to function as a unit during this time where comfort and love is most needed. They seemed to have gotten everything together - no bickering, bitterness or battle for whatever estate was left or who was loved most. Everybody seemed to have gotten their fair share of their dad's attention and was fully-supported by Dolphy, throughout their growing years.

Aside from this, the love that Dolphy and Zsa zsa had for each other was extraodinary. Sure, it started with a lot of controversy: Dolphy's reputation as a lady's man, their 38-year age gap, Zsa zsa leaving a decent man... I remember hearing about all these before and everyone shook their heads, muttering how Dolphy will eventually be leaving her later on. Well, he did leave, 23 years later, by departing this world and his life. They were never married, but they lasted longer than most marriages ever did. In her eulogy to the late comedy king, she held herself together, only breaking down when the last words were said. The love was too palpable, you could have held it in your own hands.

Here was the Comedy King who, until his death, had given another perspective on life. His family's unusual set-up can actually be used as subjects of 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' or any drama series but they didn't make it seem so. Everything was normal: they were all family, and love just held them together. Love. They used to say Death is the greatest equalizer, but now, I'm rethinking Love can also measure up to that. It knows no conventions anymore and removes all biases and judgement. Its strength moves mountains and breaks walls... bringing together people who'd society would think, are better apart. Such a beautiful thought that even if this family was brought together by death, they are bounded as one by love.

Despite all the faults accused and stones thrown at him, Dolphy's steadfast nature and light attitude is admirable. But the love he had for his family, his craft and Zsa zsa? It's unconventional but it's probably one of the purest forms you'll ever see in this day and age. Hats off to you, Dolphy. As what others have been saying 'Idol si Pidol' and yes, what a guy, indeed!

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I drink to that! :D

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Who Run The World?

Good news: if you exercise plus the generous head start I give you, you could go several miles away from me.

Bad news: I run too.


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Let The Rain Fall, I don't Care

Jas recounted how we were walking along Ayala Triangle one evening, when one of them suddenly said, "Oi, may Momo na pala dito!" and I suddenly tensed up. She had some trouble trying to recreate my scared-as-sh*t face since she was laughing so hard at the memory. Apparently I thought they said "mumu" (ghost) instead of Momo. Being friends for decades, they are all aware how much I detest horror stories and scary movies. The look I must've given that night must've been something else to have all of them in stitches. (side note: who the hell names a restaurant Momo in the first place?! Seriously people, what happened to real words? :P )

I don't remember that moment (and for all i know they could be making it all up... Though they were pretty consistent about it....) but I am thankful to have living diary entries who, on occasion, need to relive those funny tidbits of life - complete with dialogue and facial expression.

Lucky me. :)


Oh, and off-tangent topic, I found the following last week which had me laughing aloud while checking my phone.

yea, I've been a victim of autocorrect lots of times already. Crazy convos.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Yeeeeeessss! This should be the stuff of legends. It's like the Bruce Lee of all jump shots. Lol

Happy weekend y'all!

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Love is a Sunday

I came across the prose below. It's such a nice way to see things.


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The Switch

Some folks usually post those Nicholas Sparks type of stories on facebook which I don't read (I think they're trying too hard! Honest!). One of my girls, though, doesn't usually post this stuff or even links in her page so it got me curious when I found one on my newsfeed. I read it and was so touched by it that I wanted to share it here. Well, it's for record-keeping and for the sake of sharing as well. It's too good to keep to yourself, you know. :)

So here's the link if you want to check/bookmark it: http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/pictures-that-will-restore-your-faith-in-humanity

And to save you the trip, here it is reposted below:

*credit to www.buzzfeed.com

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People aren't always awful. Sometimes, they're maybe even just a little bit wonderful. Here are 21 pictures to remind you of that fact. posted


1. This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.

... and the reaction from the parade.

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It's not even a call to a Higher Being that was promoted above. It's taking the high road in all the situations we face, believing that everyone else is walking with you on the same path.

Faith restored.



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